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01 June 2011 @ 11:34 pm
phohne problems! and ttyl <3  
haizz its been weeks that i didnt topup my phone credit. having so much problem with phone recently. my lollipop has already been kept in my samsung pouch for months, never touched. the charging port is broken i guess. its ok, i still got my samsung wave given by boyfie which works totally fine. its just that i hate to capture with the back camera, whereas the lollipop has its own front camera for 3g video call and useful for camwhore.. lol. im not a camwhore thou~ :P

so next is my phone number being terminated. sigh~ i was going to buy for a hot deals which cost me for just RM28 instead of RM280 for a 60 minutes facial treatments. at first, it was boyfie's fault for giving me links to that offer. XD so, hmm... its 20 and i just have to add 8 bucks more.. haha! wat a big save there!!! its a 90% off forgodsake! but dammit, i just have to let it go as my phone number is already terminated. ewwh, today sucks real bad as im stupidly searching all possible way online to change the number for my phone banking service. but its impossible, as i have to do it only at the bank. gosh.. some works to do again...

its holiday, but my mind is concerned to many little things like this n summore bla.. bla...

thinking of many-not-using cellphones, thoughts of selling them comin through. Lol. whoever wants to buy such used phones in this age. hehe. but its better than nothing for those who want to have a spare. its still in good condition.

but now, i think my biggest problem is that i dont have any cents to call or text people. they were searching for me somehow in my holiday. kinda weird. like everybody knows im in a holiday lazying my ass off in my room. n now only they seek for me, when im out of credit!
anyway, i also miss talking with boyfie on the phone. yeahh, we get through each other using IM and skype but the feeling was just so not the same when we talk on the phone. sigh again. he's the one who got to make the call. :(
i miss texting him for the whole day, miss teasing him with my message~ Lol.

baby, i'll ttyl~ <3

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