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25 May 2011 @ 08:38 pm
up to this stage of age. i still remember her. keep wondering where she is, where she was. but sadly, now i really know just where u ARE. im sorry i havent been there for u for all this time. i will not forget wat weve been done together. i know it was just a little of time, but thats just the sweetest thing that i got the chance of being friend with you. im really hoping that i cud see you again, but now it will be just a hope. since u moved away, i never got a chance to see u, not even once. i feel kinda lost. but, wat wud i know during that time, in my 8 years of age. i cud just sit back n let things happen as the way it is. but still, i have this little thoghts of mine untill now that we will meet again in the future. knowing the fact that ur gone, i cant help than to just let my tears to fall down. somehow i feel a lil strange... to my dearest long lost bestfriend, this is just a small tribute for you. YOU are my precious childhood memory that i were longing for. RIP my dear kim soimon..
Current Mood: draineddrained